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Hi, I'm Candid Mack

An Entrepreneur Coach, Public Speaker & Mentor

After years of facing adversity, and living blindly without a plan, self-education and determination is what brought me to completely transform my life.  I'm proud to have turned my poor life choices into lessons for others to learn from.

Over the years I have spoken at many organizations to teens and adults on topics ranging from goal setting, entrepreneurship, and having a mogul mindset.

My mission is to influence high school students to become masters at taking charge of their life, by way of goal setting--- this is where my true passion lies.

I enjoy teaching new entrepreneurs the fundamentals of starting a business by providing virtual classes. If you are ready to start a business or set goals let's connect.

Featured Speaker

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Real REviews


Hands down one of the best coaching experiences I have had. Not only is she involved in the process of making your business grow, but she also follows up to make sure the goals are being reached. The plans that she lays out for you are both informative and straightforward so that way you can reach your ideal clients in a professional way. In a few short months, her methods have helped grow my business from one or two clients a month to 5-6 a month and the number keeps rising. Candid is a must-have to start your business off in the right direction.

Ruben Illa

Owner of SoIlla

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